The 12 Challenges of 2012

I hate commitments but I love a challenge!

Each month in 2012, I will tackle a new challenge.

It can be about food, fitness, life, or just plain fun.

Januaury- The Vegan Challenge

Challenge: Eat a vegan diet for an entire month

 You say you want a resolution

Hot for teacher

Out with the Old

The Big V

Snacks on a Plane

Pineapple Express

That’s Bananas!

The A-Team

Veggie Tales

February-Random Acts of Kindness

Challenge: Complete at least four random acts of kindness

Bite Me

Unsportsman-Like Conduct

Fry Day

I Heart Pizza

Date Night

Hittin’ the Sauce

The Cookie Police

Heavy D

March-“Clean Eating”

Challenge: Use up as many items as possible in the freezer and pantry.

Clean Eating

Brownie Points

All Apologies

In the Bag

Ides of March

Spring A Leek

Lovin’ From the Oven

Spring Chicken


Challenge: Get the garden ready for spring planting

Bunny Bait

Green Pees

The Wizard of Lawn

Sweet Tooth



Challenge: Get those greens in the garden and in your body.  All green produce counts!

Livin’ La Vida Verde

Green Thumb

Work It Out

Mac Attack

June- The Hydration Challenge

Challenge: Drink water. Eat hydrating foods. Stay hydrated while enjoying summer cocktails.

A Moment of Clarity

Water Works

Lead Us Not Into Temptation


Popped and Loaded

The Heat is On

Vice Cream

July- Peach Trials

Challenge: Create a recipe for annual peach dessert contest


‘Tis the Season

Boat Load

Raise Your Class

Roll with It

August- The Gratitude Challenge

Challenge: Write down at least three things that I am grateful for every day.

Peach Pits

How to Achieve Inner Peach

Alphabet Soup

I Got the Blues

Photo Pop


Goldilocks and the Three Granolas

September- Amish Country Bike Tour

Complete 25 miles of the Amish Country Bike Tour

Goldilocks and the Three Granolas

Gone Country





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