Kids need recess.

Not only does it provide physical activity, it provides social learning opportunities. It also increases academic achievement, attention, focus, creativity, and reduces stress and anxiety.

I need recess. 

My brain has been working overtime for the past month.

I’m in the process of transitioning to a new job.

In case you don’t know what I do, I’m a counselor that works primarily with children.

I had no idea how mentally and physically exhausting this transition was going to be.

I had no idea that kids were going to fall into my arms and burst into tears.

I had no idea that the nine year old girl who is waiting to be adopted would look at me and say “It’s ok. People come and go. It’s what happens.”

I had no idea that telling 50 different families that I couldn’t work with them anymore was going to feel like I was breaking up with my high school sweetheart one hour at a time.

For 50 hours.

It was mentally and physically exhausting.

My synapses are currently not firing.

My neurons are tuckered.

They need a break.

They need recess.

So I’m taking a little blog recess.

I’m going to do things like cook food without taking pictures of it.

Ride my bike to the local orchard to pick produce.

Drink beer with my former co-workers.

Watch one of my best friends get married.

And then, when my neurons are all rested and my synapses can perform sprint marathons, I’m going to come back and bedazzle you with deliciousness.

See you soon!


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