The 5 Beer K

We have these things at work called “Peer Reviews.”

Well, I SWEAR my supervisor said “Beer Reviews.”

I’m SUCH a good employee that I volunteered to spend my entire Saturday completing the assignment.

I signed up for a 5k that started and ended at a local craft brewery.

The running portion was like a warm-up for the real event: the beer drinking review.

Slow and steady wins this race.

Entry into the 5k included food, music, brewery tours, and  5 free drink tickets.

I submit, for my supervisor’s approval,


Oak Barrel Stout

Review: One of my all-time favorite Stouts.  It’s slightly sweet with that true oak-y flavor that makes it feel like it has literally been fermenting in a barrel for the last two months. It’s dark, smooth, and kind of makes me feel like I’m biting into a fancy chocolate chip cookie made with the best vanilla beans on the planet. This could easily be my after school  work snack every day. 

Hop Mountain IPA

Review: I actually sampled this (as part of the tour) before it had completed the carbonation process. It was tart, citrusy, and exploding with grapefruit flavor. It was a nice palate cleanser. 

Double D IPA

Review: As someone who is still trying to love IPA’s, I was pleasantly surprised by how refreshing this brew was. It was super citrusy and there was minimal bitterness that IPAs are so famous for. Call me crazy but I still sort of hate that dry “grassy” flavor of too much hops. This was a nicely balanced brew.

Morning Glory Stout

Review: Hook me up to an IV and just shoot this stout through my veins. Maybe it was because it was before noon, but this espresso flavored stout was like sipping on  freshly pressed coffee beans.  It was dark, sweet, chocolatey, and had a huge coffee flavor. It was so satisfying to drink after some pre-race excitement gave me a 4AM wake-up call.  The 9% ABV, however,  made sure that I got  caught up on my sleep after having a glass of this!

The beer I want to try:


This brew is made with Michigan cherries.

I love me some Michigan and I love me some cherries.

It wasn’t on tap on race day, but it will be in my refrigerator this weekend.

Guess it’s time for another beer run!


All beer photos courtesy of


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