Cheer Up

Have you ever been in a restaurant and your server appears at your table with a tasty looking cocktail courtesy of an admirer from across the room?

Me neither.

I’m positive that only happens on television.

Not to mention that I would immediately suspect a “free” drink as being spiked with roofies or, at minimum, made with bottom shelf liquor.

And that’s just unacceptable.

For safety reasons, I don’t accept free drinks.

Unless they are made with expensive vodka.

Or they come through my e-mail.

Michelle, a kind reader, sent me this refreshing  Cosmopolitan recipe all the way from New York.

So, courtesy of Michelle, I present you with a special guest  post.

Creating Signature Cocktails for Spring 

A Turning Stone Resort Recipe


Spring is all about starting fresh.  After the long winter, your taste buds may be craving a change as well. One of the most popular trends in the restaurant and catering industry today is the mixing of signature drinks. Rather than going out to enjoy these delights, I like to mix mine at home for myself and family or friends.


Recently, I stumbled upon a great cocktail recipe while attending a wedding at the Turning Stone Resort, a Central New York wedding venue. The O-Cosmo martini, as it is called, features a sweet, citrusy flavor and makes a great treat for guests.  This signature cocktail gives a twist on the traditional cosmopolitan recipe:


Combine all ingredients in a martini shaker and strain over ice into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a fruit for presentation.

Have fun mixing it up this spring with signature cocktails! You don’t have to go out or spend lots of money to enjoy new flavors. Whether you enjoy them alone or with friends, have a good time and remember to drink responsibly.


Thanks for the delicious drink Michelle!

I’ll accept more free drinks from across the internets anytime.


*Other than now being in possession of the perfect cosmopolitan recipe, I was in no way compensated for this guest post and have no affiliation with the Turning Stone Resort.  




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