I just could not decide what to make this week.

I stalked recipes online for hours.

I poured over cookbooks.

I ran dozens of ideas by the husband-

During our morning cup of coffee.

During tv time.

During our workout.

I’m starting to think it really wasn’t an accident when he kicked me in the face during those switch jumps.

But I had forgotten something very important.

I was in possession of a secret family recipe.

It’s a secret because I can’t decipher my six year old niece’s   handwriting.

My niece and I are kindred spirits.

I’ve tried convincing my sister that my niece Marielle is actually my daughter, but my sister is pretty confident that the nine months of gestation and 12 hours of labor she endured effectively make Marielle her offspring.


The girl juices fruits and vegetables for fun.

We all know who she really belongs to.

So, courtesy of my niece, please enjoy this juice recipe.


1. Put carots and apls and orange

2. Pos Down

3. Wan uor dun put

4. the joos in a cup

As deciphered by Aunt Shana:

1. Put 6 carrots, 2 apples (cored), and 1 orange (peeled) into your juicer.

2. Press down.

3.  Allow all the juice to drip into the carafe.

4. Pour the joos into a cup.

Somehow this juice is creamy, sweet, and a remarkably  close rendition of an orange juilius.

Marielle is on her way to becoming a stellar cook.

Just like her Mom  aunt.


 And just in case there was a doubt in your mind about the power of juicing, here is six year old Marielle carrying her 10 year old brother.


Get juicin’!

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