It's the end of the world as we know it. Or not.

I did it.

Not only did I survive 2012, I survived the end of the world.

If that doesn’t make this year the best year ever, then I don’t know what does.

I also survived the 12 Challenges of 2012.

You know how there’s always those end of the year “best of” lists?

Let’s do that.

Gangnam  blog style.

The Top 12 Challenges of 2012.

I know there were only 12 challenges to begin with.

They’re all tops.

Shut up.

1. January: The Vegan Challenge

Challenge: Eat a Vegan diet for an entire month.

Result: Still Plant Powered 

2. February: Random Acts of Kindness

Challenge: Complete Four Random Acts of Kindness

Result: Dozens of people got RAK’D this year!

3. March: “Clean Eating”


Challenge: Use up as many items as possible in the freezer and pantry.

Result: Freezer burned vegetables suck 50% less than you would expect them to. 

4. April: Get Your Garden On

Challenge: Get the garden ready for spring planting.

Result: I have more creepy gnomes in my yard than in a Disney fairy tale. 

5. May: Get Those Greens In

Challenge: Get greens in the ground and in the body.

Result: I drank green juice. It wasn’t awful.

6. June:  The Hydration Challenge

Challenge: Drink water. Eat hydrating foods. Stay hydrated while enjoying summer cocktails.

Result: I still hate drinking water.

7. July: Peach Trials

Challenge: Create a recipe for the annual peach recipe contest. 

Result: I still didn’t come up with a winning recipe. Next year, blue haired, old ladies, next year.

8. August: The Gratitude Challenge

Challenge: Write down at least three things I am grateful for every day.

Result: This one actually changed my mood and my spirit  for the better!

9. September: Amish Country Bike Tour

Challenge: Complete 25 miles of the Amish Country Bike Tour

Result: I got lost and peed in a stranger’s bathroom. 

10. October: Recruit A Vegetarian

Challenge: Encourage at least one person to try a vegetarian diet.

Result: My friend Kristin is the bestest!

11. November: Operation Gobble Gobble

Challenge: Raise enough money to feed a family in need for Thanksgiving.

Result: I couldn’t have completed this challenge without the generosity of my coworkers. Thanks peeps!

12. December: Adopt a Senior Citizen

Challenge: Sponsor a senior citizen for Christmas.

Result: I got to do some extra shopping and a nice gentleman in a nursing home got some extra presents under the tree. We both win!




1. Favorite Challenge: The vegan challenge because a one month challenge turned into twelve! It completely transformed the way I eat and I love making vegan treats.


2. Least Favorite Challenge: The hydration challenge because I hate drinking plain water. It didn’t make me feel better, less bloated, or more, um, regular. It basically sucked.

3. Toughest Challenge: Thinking of new challenges every month.

4. What I’ve learned: I can do cool things.

If I feel like it.

4. Shameless Plug: Don’t forget to check out my RECIPAGE to find all the recipes from 2012.

5. The next challenge: I already survived the end of the world. I’m pretty sure that’s enough awesome for a while.


See you in 2013!


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