Rock You Like a Vegetarian

The vegan advantage:

My power went out for over 12 hours during hurricane Sandy but I didn’t have to worry about food spoilage because I don’t keep meat, eggs, or dairy in the house.

Which means that despite a lack of power, my dinner looked a lot like this:

Zucchini pasta, kidney bean balls, and homemade tomato sauce.

Except it was eaten by candlelight.

While I tried really, really hard to get that “Rock you like a hurricane” song out of my head.

It’s been stuck in there since Irene.

There were some casualties though.

My slippers didn’t make it through their first encounter with our brand new underground swimming pool, formally known as “the basement.”

And there is at least one garden gnome unaccounted for.

Search efforts are ongoing.

The 12 Challenges of 2012 is also ongoing.

October’s challenge encouraged one of YOU to try a vegetarian diet.

My friend Kristin graciously accepted the challenge in an effort to eat healthfully and try something new.

Like any good friend, I grilled her about it afterwards.

There’s totally not anything weird about interviewing your friends about their eating habits.




Me:  What made you decide to take the veggie challenge?

K: I had considered trying to do at least one day a week without any meat about a year ago, but when you presented a challenge in your blog, I couldn’t resist. 

 Me: How did you prepare for the challenge?

K: I looked online for recipes that I could prepare and cook easily (I didn’t want any excuses not to do it).  Honestly,  I didn’t do much in preparation, maybe I should have?

Vegetarian Chili. Photo courtesy Kristin

 Me:   What did you like most about the challenge?

K: I loved trying new recipes and I felt good about myself for being able to achieve something I never thought I could…for real.

 Me:     What was the hardest part?

K: Eating out was hard, I can sympathize with you now at book club!  I can’t imagine doing a vegan challenge.  I’m not sure what I’d eat 🙂

 Me:        Did you try any new foods?

K: Black beans (yum), pinto beans(yum), hummus (not a fan)

Vegetarian fajitas. Photo courtesy Kristin

 Me:  What food did you miss the most? 

K: Fish and Chicken and oddly enough, bacon.  I never thought I liked bacon that much.

Me:     Did you notice any changes while doing the challenge?

K: Well, somewhat…How personal do you want me to get? lol  I did feel good all around though.  I felt energized longer throughout the day.  Less  tired in the evenings and I slept better.  Is that food related??

        Me:        How did your family/friends respond?

K: My family tried, but they just didn’t see the point in it…but everyone was very supportive!

Me:Is there anything you would do differently?

K: No, I don’t think so.  I will definitely be on the lookout for new recipes!

Me:    What did you learn from the challenge?

K: That giving up meat wouldn’t kill me, but I do love meat 🙂  I like the challenge of trying new things.  I’ll be incorporating many more vegetarian meals into my diet.  I’ll enjoy meat less frequently probably.

Me: What advice do you have for anyone considering a similar challenge?

K: Go for it!  It’s really a lot easier than I thought it would be.  I think everyone should challenge themselves.  You will feel really great afterwards…

Veggie Burger and Fries. Photo courtesy Kristin

Congratulations to Kristin for completing the vegetarian challenge!

And don’t you worry, Kristin, I’ve already challenged myself to make you a hummus lover.

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