is pissing me off lately.

I’m sick of looking at pictures like this.

And this.

I think these are supposed to be inspiring but they send the wrong kind of message.

The message: You are only allowed to feel good about yourself if you look a certain way. Specifically if you have a 22 inch waist and a DD cup size.

The message: The only advantage to working out is to look better.

The message: If you’re not injured, you’re not working hard enough.

The message: The only way you can impress people is if you make sure they know that you ran farther than an olympian in training.

The message: You’re weak unless you’re in pain.

The message: That the Lord Almighty actually cares whether or not you make it through your crossfit class.

The message: That if you do this specific workout, your body can look EXACTLY like this.

Well guess what?

You can do that workout 7 times a day and your body will NEVER look like that.

Many of the “inspirational” pictures on pinterest are actually pinned from major publications.

Which means you are looking at pictures of air-brushed models.

I hate that Pinterest has become another form of media used to make women feel weak, inadequate, and worthless unless they look a certain way or do a certain amount of exercise.

If you look really hard, though, you can find truly positive messages about health and fitness.

The message: Size is not an indicator of fitness.

The truth: Being skinny doesn’t equal being fit.

Even skinny people can suffer from heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and other health problems.

The message:

Do exercises that you like.

Do exercises that make you feel good.

Do exercises that make your heart stronger.

Do exercises that strengthen your core so that you pick up your kids without getting a hernia.

Eat food that feeds your muscles, your brain, and your soul.

Eat food that makes you feel your best.

Just eat real food.

Don’t use pictures from magazines as your inspiration.

Be your own inspiration.

You are worth more than your exercise routine, eating habits, or level of fitness.

And you are worth getting healthy so that your friends and family can spend as much time as humanly possible with you.

I think for today’s workout, I’ll work on getting down from this soap-box.

But seriously, if I have to look at another picture of isolated abs, I’m going to kick someone’s gluteus maximus.



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