Raise Your Class

I’m concerned.

I’m worried that with all the posts about my two week beer-cation,

you’ll think that all I do is sit around drinking beer and analyzing the flavor


And that’s just not true.

I also drink wine.

Moscato made with white wine is usually very light, sweet and fruity. This one is flavored with orange blossom and apricot which makes it especially crisp and refreshing.

Because I’m sophisticated.

To make sure that everyone really knows how sophisticated I am, I make sure to wear my librarian glasses and carry around old textbooks.

I didn’t read them then and I’m not going to start now but I at least like to give the illusion of being intelligent.

Never mind that I just spelled “illusion” with an “A” and it had to be auto-corrected.

I like how drinking wine gives the Illusion of being classy.

Especially if you put fruit in it.

Now you’re classy and healthy.

I’m half way to winning the Nobel Prize here.

Let’s celebrate.

With a nutritious, intelligent  glass of vino.


1 bottle (750 ml) moscato

4-5 apricots, sliced

3 peaches, sliced

Add sliced fruit to a pretty carafe

Or the least dirty pitcher that you own.

Pour the wine over the fruit.

Chill before serving.

The truth is that I had to add peaches to my wine.

To help inspire me to create a recipe for the peach dessert contest.

Naturally, the first attempt was served in a mason jar.

Not quite the Pinteresting layered cake look I was going for…..

Because we all know that something served in mason jar is infinitely cooler than something served on a plate.

Even though the cake was over- baked and dry.

It had the illusion of being delicious.

Now I just need to actually make it taste delicious.

Keep calm and peach on!

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