Water Works

Wondering how June’s hydration challenge is going?

Well, its going.

And going.

And going.


Like, every 45 minutes.

I’ve stopped co-workers mid-sentence so I could run to the ladies room.

That “gotta go” commercial for overactive bladder is playing on repeat in my head.

It’s not cool.

And I realized that I hate drinking water.

It’s a chore.

Trying to drink 64 oz. of plain water every day is more laborious than mowing the grass with tweezers.

I mean, probably.

Don’t be so literal.

All’s I’m saying is that I shouldn’t have to psych myself up to get water down.

This is a snippet of my daily thought process:

Just ran for 45 minutes.

Better re-hydrate!

8:07 AM.  Went to the bathroom 4 times already.

Better get going on that second 20 oz. bottle!

Drink coffee.

Coffee is dehydrating. Better have some more water!

Two bathroom trips and a lunch later.

Not thirsty. I’ll drink more water later.

Driving home from work.

Ugh. I still have two bottles of water left.


I hate water.


Crap. Didn’t finish my water.  

Chug 20 oz.

My belly is going to explode.

Some people like water.

They happily sip ice cold bottles of filtered water all day long and somehow don’t have to interrupt your conversation about the 160 uses  for coconut oil to use the facilities.

I want to like water.

Really, I do.

I know how important it is because, I mean, the great and powerful OZ says so.

Maybe I just need to figure out a way to make it better.

Here’s what I decided.

Drinking cantelope is cooler than drinking water.

This recipe is cool for three reasons:

1. There’s only one ingredient.

2. It’s hydrating and sweet.

3. It’s the perfect way to use up over-ripe melon.

I snagged these sweet, past-their-prime melons from the seconds bin at the farmers market. At a buck each, these were WAY cheaper than store bought sports drinks or “health” juices.


Wash melon and cut in half.

Why wash the melon if you’re not eating the skin? Because your knife is slicing right through it and the chemicals on the outside could contaminate the fruit’s flesh.

Scoop out seeds and slice into cubes.

It was everything I could do to not just gobble up those cubes. I love over-ripe fruit!

Add cantelope cubes to a blender or food processor and puree.

Pureeing could be a national past time. Is there anything better than pulverizing food into oblivion? No? So I’m the only one? Huh.

Strain into a pitcher or large bowl.

Press the pureed fruit with a spoon to squeeze out all the hydrating juices.

You should all know by now that NOTHING goes to waste up in these parts.

You can freeze the pulp to make ice cubes!

Pour the remaining pulp into ice cube trays and freeze for at least two hours.

No more watered down beverages!

Add to chilled glass of fresh cantelope juice.

*Tidbit: All kinds of frozen fruit makes great ice cubes. Berries and grapes are especially pleasant additions to water, juice, and even wine.

 Happy Hydrating!

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