I Remember

I remember.

I remember a boy who joined the service to save himself from a life of factory work.

I remember  a teenager who said goodbye to his family and hello to bootcamp.

I remember a man coming home after graduation.

I remember a boyfriend being sent to war.

I remember a husband being sent into battle.


And again.

I remember a soldier who pretended he didn’t wake up next to shrapnel in the morning.

I remember a husband who hates the Fourth of July because he doesn’t see the entertainment in explosions.

I remember a firefighter who fought insurgents to save people he’ll never even meet.

I remember a son who left the safety of an American base to convoy to a foreign bazaar to buy his mom a Mother’s day gift.

I remember a husband who hears helicopters flying overhead……of our bed.

I remember a husband who hates when I eat cereal because the sound reminds him of boots approaching on gravel.

I remember a husband who tells me “the weather is bad” when he really means “I got shot at this morning.”

I remember a husband who would walk four miles and wait three hours to tell me that over the phone.

I remember a husband who told me he would sacrifice for our family.

We remember our fathers and grandfathers who sacrificed for us.

We will remember.

And never forget.

Who will you remember this Memorial Day?


6 thoughts on “I Remember

  1. I am so touched by this blog, Shana. Maybe I am just feeling sappy today, but you actually made me cry. Thank you, John, for all your sacrifices for us and our country. And thank you, Shana, for helping me to not forget just how amazing a sacrifice it is.

  2. I am thinking of both or you for the sacrifices you have both made. John, Thank you for all you have done to keep our country safe. Shana, congrats for holding down the fort while he is away. I am so proud to have you as my grandchildren! Love you both.

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