Mac Attack

My mac is back!

It was a long week without my computer while it was being repaired.

Subsequently, I had a lot of free time to get some things done.

Like sleep.

And read.

And fall asleep while reading.

I read a lot.

I read the local library’s entire collection of books about Veganism.

All two of them.

I also read four cookbooks, three novels and two owners manuals.

I now know the intricacies of my new KitchenAid food processor and the complete maintenance schedule recommended for my 2004 Mazda.

Apparently the Mazda was due for a tune-up.

50,000 miles ago.

I decided it might be a good time to go ahead and get that done.

The mechanic informed me that I would need new tires.

Mine should have more or less exploded.

In 2010.

It will only cost $1000 to replace them, he told me.


My computer is broke. My tires are broke. And now I’m broke.

With all the green gone from my wallet, there wasn’t much left to buy any groceries or greens for my body.

The whole ordeal was stressing me out.

Normally,  I would just get drunk on dregs of wine leftover from holiday parties, but I killed that stash back in March after an exhausting day of replacing a lightbulb.

What I really needed was to feel rejuvenated.

I needed some healthy, restorative green nutrients.

I needed a spa day.

And it needed to be free.

Leftover produce like citrus, fruit, herbs, and crisp vegetables can be juiced to make a refreshing “spa” beverage.

It’s easy, it’s economical, and its green!





Sad looking celery




+ Lemon

Roughly chop your ingredients and place in blender.

Puree and strain into large glass pitcher.

Serve your spa beverage in a fancy glass with a slice of cucumber.



All that green goodness is still beneficial!

Wipe that disgusted look off your face.

You don’t have to eat it.

You just have to slather it all over your body.

While you cry in the tub because you have no internet, no money, and read owner’s manuals for entertainment.

 Herbal Body Scrub

1 cup pulp from mint, parsley, cucumber, pear, lemon, and lime (or whatever you have on hand)

1-2 cups coarse sea salt

Combine pulp and sea salt.

Use as rejuvenating body scrub.

Or brine for your next pig-roast.

Feel better?

I do.

Because my husband thinks car tires cost $1000 dollars and that I most certainly did not go on a summer wardrobe shopping spree during the computer famine.

Now that’s refreshing.

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One thought on “Mac Attack

  1. Hey kiddo, Thank u so much for the Mom’s day card and I loved the post card that Johnny sent from overseas. So glad you are back up and running. I missed your posts. I bet your glad that Johnny will back home in a couple weeks. You both are in my prayers and if you need anything, you remember to call us. We love you both so much…Mom C.

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