Blog Break

My heart computer is broken.

I don’t even have a fancy phone I can blog from.

I’ll be back with more recipes to “Get Your Greens In” when the surgeon geek squad

is done working on my lifeline Mac.

The good news is the geek squad will

e-mail me when my computer is fixed.”

With logic like that, I just know my computer is in capable hands and should be fixed in two to six weeks no time.

I might throw in some random tidbits to let you know I’m alive.

Even though I die a little inside each day without a computer.

I  tried to go to the library to try to get a computer fix.

They were all taken.

But did you know they have other things at the library?

Shelves and shelves of these hard covers filled with papers.

With words on them.

And there were no advertisements in the margins.

You can even rest them on top of your lap.

Plus they’re portable.

You should check them out.


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