I’m David.

The Gnome.

All of the rumors you heard are true.

Gnomes are magical creatures.

While you are busy Pinteresting and stalking food blogs, we are busy in the garden.

Unless there is no garden.

Then we have to make one.

It only takes a few essential tools:




Garden Rake


Don’t get your booties in a bunch.

I’m just kidding.


Rotting wood.

Hockey stick.

To stir the rotting wood and check for snakes, of course

First you need to spread the soil.

Then you need to till the soil.

Next,  you need to rake the soil.

Use the wood to make the beds.

Use the hoe.

To get some weed(s).

Make sure to clean up after using the hoe.

They can be quite dirty.


Home sweet gnome.

I guess this makes April’s “GET YOUR GARDEN ON” challenge complete.

All that weedin’ gives me the munchies.

Do you gnome where I MAY find some good food?


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