Lost and Found



My dog ran away  last weekend.

Don’t be alarmed.

She’s home now.

After TWO HOURS of searching Saturday morning, that is.

I let the dogs out into our completely fenced in backyard while I tackled some yard work in the front.

When I headed to the back, I noticed that 50% of my pet family was missing.

The search was on.

I walked the entire neighborhood three times with no luck.

A neighbor kindly suggested that I contact the SPCA since she’s a rescue and has a microchip.

I hysterically notified the woman at the SPCA that my dog was missing.

She took my information.


Um, doesn’t that microchip have GPS or something?

Isn’t there some sort of fancy satellite navigation system that will hone in on the exact location of my dog child?


Well are you at least going to put out some sort of APB and contact city and state officials?



But my dog is missing.

Is your supervisor available?

Or the governor perhaps?

The police were certainly on top of the situation when she tried to eat that fluffy, little ankle biter in 2010.

She got mug shots and everything.

We’re talking head-on AND profile shots people.

Like a criminal.

She was quarantined for a month.

I should have known the little convict was an escape artist too.

Since the police were obviously dragging their feet on this case, I continued the operation myself.

I looked everywhere.

I went to a nearby pond, the park, even Target.

Hey, if I was going to run away somewhere, it would definitely be to Target.

I didn’t find my dog, but I did pick up this fun water bottle.


Finally, finally, my furry friend ambled on home and my kindly neighbor corralled her in the yard.

I was so relieved that I bought dog child a pretty, new collar.

She loves it.


Since I had spent the morning working out, doing yard work, and trying to convince local authorities that the amber alert should most certainly apply to k-9’s, I was starving by time lunch rolled around.

When you need something fast and filling, is peanut butter and jelly not the most perfect food?

Except all of my jam was currently frozen.


Homemade jams and preserves take hours of cooking, cooling, and canning.

But what if I told you that you could have real fruit jam in about 20 minutes?

With no added sugar?

Just pure, tart, berry goodness.

Oh and it’s only two ingredients



Chia seeds are not only loaded with vitamins, minerals, and fiber, they also make a great thickening agent. Just a scoop of chia seeds and a bag of your favorite frozen berries are all you need to make this delicious all-fruit jam.

1 ( 12  oz.) bag of frozen berries

2 tablespoons of chia seeds

Pour frozen berries into a small saucepan over low heat. Cook until fruit begins to break down. Add chia seeds and stir until dissolved.

Jam will thicken when cooled.

Spread it on toast, sandwiches, or even into your oatmeal.

This jam is like finding your way home after a long journey.

It will make you happy.

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