Rabbit Tricks

I love Easter.

I love waking up to a rousing game of hide and seek against a basket full of chocolate and candy.

I love the hunt.

The chase.

The win.

I always win.

My first year home from college, I spent a good two hours looking for my Easter basket.

I thought EB was just challenging my new-found college smartie-ness.

It turns out, there was no basket.

My sweet dreams melted into bitter, bitter chocolate.

And I do  mean bitter.

There may have been some pouting.

And tears.

And threats against the bunny.

I got three baskets the following year 🙂

But as I get older, I crave less of the sweet, sugary stuff.

Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker.

Silly rabbit!

Drinks aren’t for kids!

They’re for 28 year old bunny lovers.


3 oz. coconut water

1.5 oz. amaretto liqueur

1.5 oz. tart cherry juice

squeeze of lemon

Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice.

Hop around with shaker.

Pour into a martini glass.

Makes 1 martini

That tastes like a jellybean!

Tidbit: Make it a cocktail (or healthy energy drink!) by omitting the amaretto and adding a drop or two of pure almond extract.


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