The A Team

As a general rule,

I try to make sure I have on my “A” set of undergarments if I plan on leaving the house on any given day.

You know, in case I get into a car accident and the paramedics have to perform some critical, lifesaving procedure which requires them to bypass my clothing thereby providing a glimpse of my skivvies.

God forbid they see the “B” set that is reserved for laundry day and deterring the husband ever since he caught onto the whole “I have  a headache/migraine/tumor/brain malfunction” routine.

But there’s always those manic Mondays where you can’t find your fine washables and you have to call the second string into action.

I drive 10 miles below the speed limit on those days.

I made it to work safely last Monday but was dealing with day five of some sort of sinus infection.

(See, honey?!?! It’s not ALWAYS a lie)

I do not have a regular doctor and was forced to go to a walk-in clinic.

Things were going along swimmingly as I described my symptoms and the doc concluded it was indeed a sinus something or other.

Just a quick check of my pulse and blood pressure and I could pay the ridiculous fee and be on my way.

Blood pressure was first.

I was all busy imagining that the inflatable thingy was actually a massive arm muscle a la the Incredible Hulk when I noticed a concerned look on her face.

“Are you a runner?”


At this point, I was not worried. I always get asked this.

“Your blood pressure is very low.”

“I know.”


My hulk muscle deflated.

  Next, she took my pulse.


Hulk is getting mad for real this time.

“Is there something wrong?”

“Your pulse is extremely low. Do you feel faint?”


“I think we need to do an EKG and check your heart.”

Well, now my pulse was racing.

I couldn’t remember if I had on the A set or B set.

If I’m going to die right now, I would prefer to have on the A set.

I nonchalantly tried to sneak a peek while the nurse prepped the machine.

I about cracked my neck trying to angle it so that I could see if Victoria would be keeping her secret or if granny would be making an appearance in the exam room.

This was the most dangerous doctors visit ever.


My best friend Vicky came through in the clutch.

Well, that problem was solved, but now I had a new problem.

Am I freaking dying?

It’s a good thing I’m not at all dramatic or one to jump to conclusions, because the EKG was just fine.

According to my doc it’s common for athletes (her word, not mine) to have a low pulse.

It’s just a result of good conditioning.

I was glad to be home after my near death experience, and I was especially glad that I spent Sunday in my B set preparing a yummy baked zucchini dish.

This is one of those recipes that is most suited to a lazy Sunday afternoon since it requires a few steps and some prep work. The result is totally worth it though.

Your favorite veggie lasagna goes 3-D!

Thin strips of zucchini get smothered with a cannellini bean spread, rolled up, and covered in a homemade tomato mushroom sauce.

The bean and parsnip filling is ultra creamy providing a gooey, cheese like texture while the hearty mushroom sauce makes it a truly comforting meal.

Baked Zucchini Roll Ups

2 large zucchini

1 large yellow onion, chopped

2 cloves garlic, chopped

2 teaspoons olive oil

8 oz. button mushrooms, sliced

1 (28 oz) can crushed tomatoes

2 ½ teaspoons Italian seasoning, divided

½ teaspoon molasses or sugar

1 (15 oz) can cannellini beans, drained and rinsed

5 oz. parsnips (about 3 sliced)

½ cup breadcrumbs

For sauce:

Saute onion and garlic in oil until translucent. Add ½ cup water and continue cooking until water is absorbed. Reserve half of garlic/onion mixture for cannellini filling. Add sliced mushrooms to remaining onions and cook until soft. Add tomatoes,  1 1/2 teaspoons seasoning, and molasses.

Simmer while you prepare zucchini and filling.

For filling:

Parsnips are like carrots' albino cousins with more flare. Cooking the parsnips before pureeing them with the white beans makes the filling super creamy.

Microwave parsnips with a cup of water for about 6 minutes or until very soft. In a blender or food processor, combine cooked parsnips, canellini beans, reserved cooked onions, and 1 teaspoon seasoning.  Blend until smooth.

If you have any leftover filling, you can add it to a salad for lunch or serve it as a dip with raw veggies and crackers.

For zucchini:

Trim ends of zucchini.  Slice lengthwise using a mandolin or large vegetable peeler.

Discard first few slices.

Put about 15 zucchini slices in a single layer and season with salt and pepper.

To assemble:

Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees

Ladle enough sauce to cover the bottom of an 8 x 8 baking dish.

Spread a thick layer of filling over each zucchini slice and roll up.

Place rolled zucchini in baking dish.

Cover with remaining sauce and top with breadcrumbs.

Bake for 30 minutes.

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Whether you’re wearing your “A” set, “B” set, or God-forbid the “C ” set,

get the table set and make this for dinner!

Vegan Tidbit: This carniverous guy is also doing a month long vegan challenge and writing about it over at Serious Eats.

It’s a seriously good series that you should seriously check out.


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3 thoughts on “The A Team

  1. I’ll be honest…I don’t give my underwear QUITE as much consideration as you do, but I definitely know what you mean! Too bad you don’t live in Canada…that little doctor visit would have been free! And that recipe? Genius…looks amazing! Glad you liked the Serious Eats article enough to link to it. 🙂

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