Strong enough for a man….

I returned home from a nice, long dog walk to find my husband detailing my car.

I approached him slowly from the side so I could more carefully assess the situation.

“Hey there.”

“Hey! Just cleaning your car!”

“I see that.”


“Um, did you do something bad like gamble away the mortgage?”


“Spend the night in a brothel?”


“Did you use all my deodorant again?”


I inched closer and inhaled deeply.

“You’ve been working in 70 degree heat and you smell like a newborn! You totally stole my deodorant!”

He knows I buy the good brand. The kind that leaves my armpits feeling silky smooth and smelling baby fresh.

“Go use your stinky, spicy, old man deodorant.”

As I drove to the store to buy more deodorant, I couldn’t help but notice there was a distinct sheen to my car that hadn’t been there since I bought it five years ago.

It was kind of nice of him to clean my car for me.

Maybe I should do something nice for him too.

Maybe I’ll pick him up one of those breakfast sandwiches he likes so much.

Oh, right, I have to spend the last of my disposable income on hygiene products.

In that case, I’ll make him some breakfast sandwiches.

Using a muffin tin.

Get used to it.




Bacon Egg Breakfast Sandwiches!

The Ingredients:

6 eggs

6 slices bacon

6 sandwich thins

The Tools:

One 12 cup muffin pan

1 baking sheet


The Method

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.

Fold bacon (yes, fold) into 6 of the muffin compartments.

Crack one egg into 6 of the remaining compartments.

Arrange sandwich halves on baking sheet.

Place both pans in oven.

Bake for 12-14 minutes or until eggs are set.

Remove eggs from pan and continue cooking bacon until the edges are crisped, about five more minutes.

Bake bread about 12-14 minutes or until desired toasty-ness.

Store leftovers in zip-lock bags in the freezer.

Tidbit: Reheat frozen sandwiches in the microwave for about two minutes.

Just in case your husband decides to use all your concealer and then re-tile the bathroom.

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