The Craft

I hope your Thanksgiving was tasty!

Mine sure was.

In fact, it was downright Badass.

Thanks for bringing the beer Grandma!

The beer is gone but we have enough leftover food to last at least a week.

What does one do when there is no need to cook or grocery shop?

One does crafts.

Easy crafts that require very little skill and ability.

I can’t cut in straight lines, glue things without making a gloppy mess, or follow instructions.

But I can make coasters!

These were super simple to make and very inexpensive.

The tools:

Ceramic Tiles

Scrapbook paper

Utility knife

Mod Podge


Clear coat spray paint

Felt pads

The method:

1. Place tile on scrapbook paper. Use utility knife to cut paper to fit the tile.

2. Brush the back of the cut scrapbook paper with mod podge and secure in place on the tile.

3. Add another coat of mod podge to the top. Allow to dry.

4. Spray with clear coat. Allow to dry.

5. Add felt backings to the bottom of the tile.

Everyone is getting coasters for Christmas.


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