A poor prognosis

I’m all over the place lately.

My mind is going in about 1000 different directions.

I have a to-do list longer than my Christmas wish list.

None of it is getting done.


Because I’ve been spending all of my free time stalking Pinterest.

Don’t know what Pinterest is?

Stop playing Farmville, Cityville, Psychoville or whatever time suck it is you are playing on Facebook and check out the Pinterest website.

Pinterest allows you to “pin” and share all the cool things you find while searching the web.

Basically, it’s a collection of all the crap you look at online instead of paying attention to your loved ones.

My husband bought a truck and I barely noticed because I was infatuated with pictures of apple pie in a jar.

My head is spinning over all the ideas for gifts, home projects, and food.

I’ve been so consumed with looking at pictures of food, that I forgot to actually make any food.

I realized last-minute that I promised the kids at work a special treat for meeting their goal in the fruit and vegetable challenge.

Since they are kids and naturally hate everything that doesn’t have sugar or come in a fluorescent color, I think its fun to serve them obscure foods and watch their reactions.

This time I decided to make them kale chips.

I baked up a big batch and served them up with a sprinkling of salt.

They looked at me like I had put fried crickets in front of them.

I looked at them like ‘I control your recess.’

They ate it.

They liked it.

I told them I like kale chips dipped in ketchup.

“Timmy, would you like some ketchup?”

“Yes. I love ketchup. My mom loves ketchup and she has the ADHD. I have the ADHD too. That’s why I love ketchup, because I have the ADHD. Do you have the ADHD?”

“Well, I do love ketchup.”

“Then you have the ADHD too!”

So there it is.

I don’t have an obsession with ketchup or trouble focusing on one task.

I have the ADHD.

I would give you the recipe for kale chips but I’m too busy looking at 27 different things on Pinterest.

Blame it on my ADHD.

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4 thoughts on “A poor prognosis

  1. Hahaha…too funny. I have joined Pinterest because everybody’s doing it, but I haven’t actually created boards or done anything yet (although apparently other people are following my lack of activity). I’m too scared to have another time suck….and everyone says it’s so addictive!

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