That Which Doesn't Kill Me

Have you ever been beaten up by a six-year-old?

I have.

Several times, in fact.

The thing about six-year olds is that they watch a lot of WWE.

They know things.

The closest I get to WWE is watching reruns of Hogan knows best.

And even then I’m busy painting my toenails or something.

The last time I was out-muscled by a kindergartener, it occurred to me that I could use some strength training in my life.

Left to my own devices, my weight lifting routine would consist of a couple of leg presses and that one machine that is like a bench press but is not a bench press. You know the one I’m talking about?

Me either.

Which is why I need someone with actual knowledge to help me get some muscles on these bones.

I wanted someone who would be motivating but not mean.

Someone nice, but not overly enthusiastic.

Someone pretty but not so pretty that I would hate them for being too pretty.

Someone muscular, but not scary body builder muscular.

Oh, and I don’t want to have to actually go to the gym.

 Maybe I’m a tad particular about my fitness preferences, but working out has to be an enjoyable experience or I’m never going to do it more than once.

I was pretty excited when I discovered the 10 Pound Slimdown Xtreme series by Chris Freytag.

You know it’s serious when the letter “E” can’t even be bothered to show up at the beginning of the word.

This DVD set  has it all.

 A quick overview:

Disc 1: Xtreme Workouts

Total Body (40 minutes)

Upper Body (40 minutes

Lower Body (40 minutes)

Cardio Kickboxing (40 minutes)

Core (40 minutes)

Yoga (40 minutes)

Disc 2: Recovery Workouts

Total Body (20 minutes)

Upper Body (20 minutes)

Lower Body (20 minutes)

Core (20 minutes)

Yoga (20 minutes)

Disc 3: Bonus Workouts

Bonus Abs

Bonus Buns

The recovery workouts are not a repeat or shorter version of the extreme workouts, which means you can mix and match 13 different workouts.

It mixes strength, cardio, and power drills for a really comprehensive circuit workout. The first time I did Total Body (40 minutes), I couldn’t sit down for a week.

I loved it.

It’s challenging but not so difficult that you need to take a break to vomit all over your yoga mat. Chris is very encouraging without being annoying and her energy is contagious. She gives options for low impact and modifications that make this a great series for all fitness levels.

Before I purchased this set, I had never tried, or had any interest in kickboxing but she had me at

“Pretend you’re grabbing her ponytail and crushing her head against your knee.”

She immediately says she’s kidding.

I’m not.

That visual amped me up for the rest of cardio kickboxing and had me smiling all afternoon.

Ok, ok, the truth is I bought this set because I needed an excuse to wear these

You can purchase the 10 Pound Slimdown  Xtreme  here.

Although more expensive than typical exercise DVD’s, it’s a bargain considering all of the great workouts you get.

Note: This is pure exercise nerdiness. I am in no way being compensated for these statements. However, if exercise tv would like to compensate me for them, I’d gladly accept.


One thought on “That Which Doesn't Kill Me

  1. Hahaha….you always make me laugh. And this workout looks fantastic. I always want to try more at-home workouts, but I feel I can’t justify the cost since I pay for a gym membership. And, although I haven’t been beaten up by a 6 year old, I have been bitten by a 4 year old – fun times at work! 😉

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