Sweet Ideas for Leftover Halloween Candy

Halloween brought lots of  strawberry shortcakes, little lion men, and super short superheroes to my doorstep.

Sometimes I get sad when I think about my childless life.

Not having kids means there is no one I can steal Halloween candy from.

It also means there is no one to mow my lawn, load the dishwasher, wash the car, and do all the other crap around the house that I don’t feel like doing.

Not having kids means I have to do everything myself.

And that is just so sad.

I don’t know why parents complain about being tired all the time when they have multiple midgets in their possession that they can tell to scrape the crud out of the bottom of the garbage can. It’s the childless couples that should be complaining. The sheer amount of work we have to do is exhausting.

Even though I am deprived of child laborers that collect candy from strangers while I follow in the car at .5 mph, I don’t begrudge you the luxury of having exorbitant amounts of Halloween sweets and treats.

In fact, I am so generous that I have decided to share some really great links for ideas on ways to use up those candy confections.

Even though I have been busy cleaning the bathroom and sorting socks all by myself.


Photo courtesy Full Circle Foodie


Photo courtesy Browneyedbaker



Photo courtesy: Dianasaur Dishes


Want some ideas that won’t send you into a sugar coma?

Send leftover candy to the troops overseas via Operation Gratitude

Sell it to your dentist in the dentist buyback program!

Save it to make gingerbread houses for Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, the stores have been stocking holiday merchandise since the beginning of October. Apparently we are skipping Thanksgiving this year.

I’m feeling a little Charlie Brown about the whole Christmas and commercialism thing.

That, and I got a rock for Halloween.

One thought on “Sweet Ideas for Leftover Halloween Candy

  1. We’ve already finished with Thanksgiving here in Canada, so it’s always straight to Christmas. And very good point about child labour…we are missing out!

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