Apple Scrapple

What the hell is scrapple?

I wonder how I’ve lived in Delaware for five years without experiencing the highly touted, oft bragged about Apple Scrapple Festival.

Don’t know what scrapple is?

Then I’m guessing you’re not from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland or Delaware.

Scrapple is a regional pork dish, either adored or abhorred by the locals.

I was anxious to get to the festival and see what all the excitement was about.

For weeks before the festival, I kept hearing about all of the food, crafts and vendors that span the streets of Bridgeville, DE.

Scaled down to Delaware size, that apparently meant one scrapple stand and one apple dumpling stand.

My friends skipped breakfast that morning in anticipation of delectable scrapple treats.

Little did they know, that amounted to two skinny slabs of scrapple slapped between to slices of wonder bread.

You could add a slice of cheese for an additional 50 cents.


My friend adorned hers with grape jelly, and scrapple is often accompanied by apple butter, ketchup, maple syrup, honey or mustard.  From what I understand, it is usually a breakfast item, often served like sausage.

Since I don’t eat meat, I was saving myself for other festival goodies, but the amount of food was seriously underwhelming.

I had to survive on samples of flavorless biscuits and sugary spiced peanuts.

I did try some pumpkin pie fudge that was a super thick and creamy rendition of the traditional pie.

It satiated me while we walked through streets and streets of vendors selling exciting items like dollar store trinkets and gourmet dog treats that cost more than the scrapple wonder-wich.

I took the opportunity to brush up on my scrapple history.

The RAPA company touts itself as one of the largest scrapple producers in the world. Since scrapple is unique to three of the smallest states in the continental United States, I’m not sure this an enormous accomplishment. They are also home to over 60 employees, or the entire population of Bridgeville.

I took a moment to photograph the historic RAPA insignia.

Oh, the ingredients are listed. Let’s take a closer look.

Scrapple is not-so-jokingly referred to as “everything but the squeal.”

Considering pork snout made the list of ingredients, I think one could argue that the squeal is included.

Other scrapple ingredients include the heart, liver, other scraps that is often boiled with the entire head to make a broth. The bones and fat are then removed. The remaining mush is combined with cornmeal and shaped into loaves.

This scrapple looks eerily similar to my broiled tofu. I don't EVER want to hear a scrapple eater make a comment about my affinity for soy foods.

If you had any questions about the composition of scrapple, you can simply refer to it as loaf shaped pig parts.

Outside of the one apple dumpling stand, there was nary an apple in sight.

We grabbed some fresh cider and gingersnaps on the way home as a reward for surviving the

scrapple shenanigans.

I enjoyed spending a sunny, fall day with good friends, but we all agreed to forgo the event next year.

And every year for the rest of our lives.


6 thoughts on “Apple Scrapple

  1. I love Scrapple and am from that area. Don’t knock it til you try it. In fact I’m eating a scrapple sandwich right now and it is delicious.

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