Sunflower Power

I’m sure that catching up on my blog is the most important part of your weekend and I don’t have to remind you that I made granola on Sunday.

But I’m not really a plain granola kind of girl.

I needed something with a satisfying crunch to go into the secret recipe I’m developing.

It started innocently enough with some chocolate covered sunflower seeds.

Lisa  over at Sunny Seed Stories made a request on her blog that I just couldn’t ignore.

Photo courtesy Lisa at

She challenged readers to take a pack of Sunny Seed Drops on some type of adventure such as running, biking, sight-seeing, studying, vacationing etc. All you had to do was e-mail her a description of the adventure you had planned for yourself and she would send you a free tube of chocolate covered sunflower seeds to take with you.

I needed free sunflower seeds.

Therefore, I needed to go on some type of adventure.

Apparently in the blog world there is an event called the Healthy Living Summit. It’s an action packed weekend focused on food, nutrition, fitness, and blogging. This year’s event is in Philadelphia and starts with a Friday night cocktail party, a full day of informational seminars on Saturday, a fun run 5k, and a Quaker Oatmeal breakfast buffet (with all the fun fixin’s!) on Sunday.

Considering most of my summer adventures have been obtained vicariously through library books, I was more than ready to mingle with real humans while getting my food and drink on in the city of brotherly love.

But there would need to be snacks.

Sunny Seed snacks.

It must have been fate when I discovered this at the grocery store.


Oh, sure,  I’ve seen Sunflower butter before but I was mostly tossing it out of the way to get to my beloved PB2 and Smucker’s Creamy Natural Peanut Butter. I thought SunButter was some crappy alternative for all those poor, poor, souls with peanut allergies. SunButter is made from sunflower seeds so I wanted to try it paired with the Sunny Seed Drops, which are like miniature versions of the best m&m’s you’ve ever had in your life. That is a lie. They are 1000 times better than m&m’s.

I gave the Sunbutter a little taste test and ohmysweetmothermaryandjoseph.


Somehow it is smoother, creamier, and slightly sweeter than peanut butter and tastes really decadent. It has similar stats to traditional PB plus it’s a great source of vitamin E.

Since I have a mild obsession with peanut butter balls, I wanted to make a similar version with the SunButter.

Behold the creation of the SunButter Crunch Ball.

It is a combination of creamy SunButter, crunchy granola, honey, and Sunny Seed Drops that are studded throughout like little Christmas presents hidden under the tree. Delicious Christmas presents that are so good you would punch your unassuming sister in the face just so you could steal her tube. Serves her right for trying to sleep in on Christmas morning.

Since I already know that you spend all your free time perusing the blog and making various recipes, I’m sure you have a batch of Sunday’s granola post all ready to go.

Go ahead and give 2 cups of the granola a free ride in the blender.

Pour it into a medium-sized bowl and add 1 cup of SunButter, half of a cup of PB2, and 1 tsp. of honey.

Stir in 1 tube of  Sunny Seed Drops.

Roll into a million (or 50) little balls.

These keep nicely in a ziplock bag in the refrigerator or freezer.

That is if you don’t eat them all before they actually make it there.

Here’s the deal.

These are not low-calorie.

They are not low-fat.

They aren’t low anything.

But they are high energy meaning they are perfect for kids to snack on before soccer practice, for parents who never actually have time to eat because they are too busy driving their kids back and forth to said practice, for office dwellers who are buried in paperwork and don’t have time to take a break, or for those crazy- mega -ultra athletes who run double-digit miles and need a snack to fuel them through a tough workout. Or just because you need that little something sweet to help you forget about kids, soccer, paperwork, and even the idea of trying to squeeze exercise into your day. They are loaded with good for you ingredients like  whole grain oats, nuts, healthy fats, and natural honey to give you just the kick in the ass you need in the afternoon (or morning or middle of the night).

It’s like a healthy Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup.

Keep it to four small crunch balls and you have yourself the perfect 200 calorie snack.

Or make it 8 and call it dinner.

I won’t tell anyone about the four more you’ll have for dessert.

SunButter Crunch Balls

2 cups ground granola

1 cup sunflower seed butter

1/2 cup PB2

1 tsp. honey

1 tube Sunnyseed Drops (3 oz)

Combine all first four ingredients in medium-sized bowl. Stir in drops and roll into 50 small balls.

Store in refrigerator or freezer.

Don’t have all of the ingredients?

No problem!

Peanut Butter Crunch Balls

2 cups ground granola (Kashi GoLean Crunch works beautifully)

1 cup peanut butter

1/2 cup powdered sugar

1 tsp. honey

 1/4 cup miniature chocolate chips

Follow directions above.


7 thoughts on “Sunflower Power

  1. YES — I was so hoping you would post the recipe because they were hands.down. the best things I ate all weekend. The cake pops were a close second, but I can still taste the sunflower awesomeness that these were.

    Thanks again for bringing and sharing them!

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