You gettin' fresh with me?

I love shopping.

Grocery shopping that is.

I am such a food nerd.

Even as a kid, I got all sorts of excited when it was time to go to the grocery store because it meant I got to pick out my cereal for the week, visit the butcher, and if I was really lucky, con my Mom into buying me something, anything chocolate.

When I was six we got a puppy. It was the cutest, furriest black and white striped Lhasa apso that we aptly named Cookie because of her uncanny resemblance to an Oreo. This dog was ridiculously adorable and what kid can resist spending the afternoon playing with a brand new puppy? Um, apparently this one.  After Mom announced she was headed out to pick up some groceries, I was seriously torn between leaving my  new furry friend and going on a grocery adventure.  Who the hell stops playing with a puppy to go get freakin groceries??

Well, me.

So began my love of food shopping. By the time I got my driver’s licence, I was begging my Mom to let me do the weekly shopping trip. She was more than happy to oblige since I’m pretty sure that grocery shopping and cooking are the bane of her existence.

I’m sure all you ladies can understand how exciting it is to go clothes shopping and find those cute, new skinny jeans you have been dying to try on or hitting up the home goods store and finding the perfect bedside table.

That’s how I feel about food. I love checking out all the latest products and God help me if there is a coupon with it because I just might do a jig in the middle of aisle seven.

There is plenty happening in the processed food industry in terms of innovation, but the fruit and veg section remains remarkably unchanged save the seasonal additions of melon in the summer and squash in the fall and winter.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m practically elated at the first watermelon sighting but it’s a rare day to find something totally obscure hanging out in the produce section.

Then, at a recent trip to the local Amish market, I stumbled across these bad boys.

If I were an addict, this would be my drug.

 According to the toothless, overall clad senior citizen that was selling these beauties, these are Oriental Melons.

And it had friends.

May I introduce you to the Korean Melon and the Slimcado?

Holy Fresh Food Friday! I didn’t even know other types of melons even existed! And a slimcado?

You had me at cado.

Is Oriental Melon politically correct? Aren't we saying "Asian" Melon these days?

The outer flesh was very thin on both the Korean and Oriental Melons and easily came off with my dollar store veggie peeler. The insides of both melons also closely resembled a cantelope or honeydew.

The pale green Oriental Melon was crunchy and slightly sweet-sort of a cucumber honeydew hybrid. The white fleshed Korean melon was crisp with a faint banana flavor.  I decided to cube them up for a fruit salad.

Everything is more fun in cubes. Except numbers. That's just math and math is not fun.

My melons were in need of a little accessorizing, so I added some cantelope cubes and coated the whole thing in a Honey Citrus Sauce.

To make Honey Citrus Sauce:

1 tbs. Honey

2 tbs. Orange Juice

Juice and zest of half a lime.

Combine ingredients and pour over 2-3 cups of your favorite fruit. 

The sauce just lightly coats the fruit, which I prefer over a syrupy glaze. Double (or triple) recipe if your preferred method of sugar intake is through an IV. I won’t judge. 

The slimcado required a bit of research.

I mean, obviously it’s an avocado but just what, exactly makes it so slim?

According to the Brooks Tropicals website, the Slimcado is an avocado hailing from Florida and boasts half the fat and up to a third fewer calories than the popular California variety.

Sounds interesting. Let’s chop this baby up.

It looks like a standard avocado with a paler complexion. I chopped it the way I would chop an ordinary avocado, which is to run my knife lengthwise around the entire fruit, using my hands to separate the two halves. The pit fell out naturally and did not require removal.  I then scored the flesh while still in the peel and used a spoon to separate the cubes from the outer peel.

I would describe the flavor as a mild version of the California avocado with higher water content. It wasn’t nearly as creamy and satisfying as a full fat avocado but would be perfect for people looking for a lighter version of this yummy fruit.

I decided to add mine to a shrimp chopped salad with a spicy, lemon yogurt dressing.

This salad was perfect for the hundred degree heat and humidity that was permeating every cell of my being.  It was light and cooling to my very overheated body . PS humidity: my hair hates you.

Man, I already can’t wait for the trip to the grocery store and farmer’s market this weekend.

You just never know what treasures you will find!

I keep telling him size doesn't matter but he just won't listen.


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