The Run

This probably goes against some sort of runner’s ethical code or something but I actually prefer to run on the treadmill.

You know how some girls look all cute when they’re working out even though they are sweating buckets and their hair is all disheveled?

I am NOT one of those girls.

Therefore, I prefer to run in the solitude of my basement where I can watch trashy reality television while grunting and groaning through my workout.  This also saves strangers the confusion of trying to decide if  I’m exercising or going into cardiac arrest.

Running outside somehow seems much more difficult than running inside.

But since the weather was reasonable this weekend, I decided to wake up early and tackle an outdoor run.

The run started here.

That's our house. Well, actually, it's Bank of America's house but they are kind enough to let us call it 'our house' in return for an arm and a leg, oops, I mean a small payment each month.

And we're off!

Keep running....keep running....try not to vomit....keep running........

My run takes me past my favorite salon, which reminds me, I need to schedule an appointment ASAP.

Oh! TGI Friday's! Man, a drink sounds kind of good right now. Even though it's 7:30AM. Ugh. Keep running.

Ah, finally out of the bustling business district. This is much nicer.

This is the bridge where my dog ALWAYS tries to commit dogicide. How difficult could life be for a Pomeranian? Your name is Diesel for crying out loud. Man up.

Skivvies on the sidewalk! Skivvies on the sidewalk! Someone either had a very, very, good night or a very, very bad night.

Another bar. I'm thirsty again.

Heading into scenic, downtown Dover.

The Lex. Where you can buy shots or get shot, depending on the night.

I'm getting excited! I'm halfway done with my run! Check Garmin. Realize I haven't even gone a mile yet. Trudge on.

Another bar!?!?! Why do I do this to myself? Is it noon yet???

Shoot. I should have brought those books I needed to return.

The best part of Olde Dover is all the creepy looking monster houses.


Running in a colonial city means running on 200-year-old bricks. Trying very hard not to trip and make a spectacle of myself.

You would think living in a coastal state would mean instant beach access. Why go to the ocean when you can have this nice pond?

The water here is so nice it comes with a warning!

Despite its toxicity, it is pretty to look at. Also, my lungs are about to explode. Are we done yet?

Perhaps the person that lost this bike is the same person that lost their underwear? Gee, I wonder why the water is toxic here.

At this point, I think these geese are moving faster than I am. Keep running.

This is where my camera died. I feel like I'm about to die also. Keep running.

I made it!

I really, really wanted to run that extra .1 mile to make it an even 5k but my lungs just weren’t having it.

There’s always next weekend!

I’m off to pick more blueberries so I can stock up on jam like a squirrel  stocking up on nuts for the winter.


3 thoughts on “The Run

  1. I love this post! So creative and fun to read! I feel like I went on the run with you…only without having to do any running myself. 😛

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