To all the other kids with the pumped up kicks……

It started with a dog walk.

Then a 35 second jog.

Then a long walk on the treadmill.

And then I realized:

I was no longer in excruciating pain when I put pressure on my foot!


Ok, ok. The pain was never excruciating but it certainly did suck enough to stop me from running for six weeks.

On a cloudy Saturday morning, I decided to try my first leisurely jog through the local park.  While I didn’t set out to break any records, I was not impressed with my pace.


I know what will make me run faster!

New shoes!

These are really the first pair of shoes that I’ve picked out explicitly for the purpose of running so……..

I carefully did my research (overheard someone talking),

saved my pennies (hijacked the emergency fund)

tried on a wide variety of shoes with varying support, price, and quality (one pair)

and was in and out of the store in under 15 minutes.

See? They make me faster already!

These shoes normally run in the $85-$100 range.


What's so special about these shoes? Their minimalist structure is meant to flex with your foot. Plus there are 76 "running buddies" that move with your foot's bones and muscles.

Check out my new running buddies!

Thank goodness my feet haven’t grown since 3rd grade and I can still rock kids sizes. I only paid $65 which means I had money left to burn (What? I can’t be a save-a-holic all the time).

Well, then, I better get a new water bottle . To match the shoes, of course. Frankly, my dollar store water bottle just wasn’t holding up like I expected. I mean, you would think those kids in China would produce a higher quality product for a fine establishment such as the The Dollar Tree. I sincerely hope they did a better job with my shoes.

This water bottle is not all humongo so it fits nicely in my midget hands.

But seriously, even if you don’t run, you should consider purchasing these shoes. They are ultra-light, flexible, and form to your foot for a very comfortable fit. It’s like you’re not wearing any shoes at all.

I get very thirsty after a good run so it’s nice to have a hydrating snack.

I like to color coordinate my food with my footwear.

And sometimes when I run I get dizzy and eat odd food combinations. That are amazing. I don’t know what made me combine cucumber salad with huge chunks of sugary watermelon but the combination of sweet melon and tangy cucumber was incredibly refreshing.

Your mission.

Should you choose to accept it.

Snap a picture of yourself eating something that matches an article of clothing you are wearing.

Send me the pic and I’ll hold a competition on the blog to see who can be the most creative.

I’ll mail the winner a jar of PB2.

If no one sends any pics, then I will just have to eat the whole jar myself!

Have at it people!

Send all pictures to

*More exciting news! I was tagged in another blog! Thanks Courtney!


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