A Miracle is Born

 I have been planning, researching, and dreaming of the big day since last fall.

After waiting months and months  and enduring hours of strenuous labor, there is nothing like looking down at that pink, wrinkled flesh and knowing that you created this perfect, tiny  creature.

The experience of holding this little life in my hands for the first time is beyond the scope of my words.

Only a picture can truly portray the many emotions I felt that day including happiness, pride, and what I imagine to be the blossoming of a mother’s love and natural instincts.

My first raspberry!

Oh. Did you think I was talking about having a baby?

Sorry. No babies for this blogger.

But I imagine seeing the fruits of my labor flourish in the garden is somewhat akin to a mother holding an infant for the very first time.  No, really. I’m sure seeing the first budding of a tomato on a carefully nurtured plant is totally comparable to the moment a mother sees the image of her baby on the ultrasound monitor.

Twins! I wasn't even expecting that!

I mean the process for creating a human life and a plant life are pretty much the same.

You start with a bed.

The seed gets planted.

You provide nourishment.

Then one day, you wake up to find things have gotten much, much bigger.

Until one day you realize that you have produced something so cute that you could just eat it up.


But first you have to shape this new life and help it achieve its fullest potential.

So you teach it to play nicely with others, share, and work as a team to produce something wonderful.

What a little bundle of joy.

And  with  mixed emotions, you take one final look at how far this little life has come. You reflect on the hard labor of love that grew into a precious entity all its own and you smile.

Whew. All this growing life stuff is exhausting.  I think I deserve a little “me” time.


3 thoughts on “A Miracle is Born

  1. Great write! :)) I admired your garden , great healthy food and eating. I raspberry pic with my Granddaughter and make jelly each yr. Nothing better for you then a Garden. Excellent interputing, and yes, you had me going their. :))

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