The Dog Days of Summer

We had big plans to get all outdoors adventure-y by getting our kayak on at beautiful Cape Henlopen State Park this weekend. Turns out, kayak season doesn’t start until later this month, so we decided to go eat stuff  instead.

I won’t bore you with traditional beach fare like saltwater taffy, greasy pizza, waffle cones, and caramel corn because you don’t come here to be bored. You come here to be dazzled.

Just a little something you might run across during your trip to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

Our first stop took us to a quaint little coffee shop on one of the side streets near the ocean. Upon entering, a very fit, and, um, flamboyant gentleman exclaimed “Hello! There’s my girlfriend!” I blushed. I was having a good hair day and everything but was a little take aback at this blatant flirtatious exchange right in front of my husband.  As I was primping my bangs and getting ready to do a subtle hair flip, I heard him repeat the same thing to an octogenarian and the midget that walked in behind her. Oh. I pretended my flushed cheeks were from the heat and stared intently at the menu. I really wanted an iced coffee but my husband was really sick of making the half mile trek to the restrooms every 45 minutes with me. Being the cute couple that we are, we decided it would be romantic to share a red velvet cupcake. The problem was, this cupcake was so huge that I wasn’t sure if we would be able to finish this gargantuan dessert. Even with hubs’ big appetite, it was going to take some serious eating skills to tackle all the fluffy cake and sugary cream cheese frosting. I mean, this thing was a monster.

Are you man enough for this?

I prolonged the eating experience by holding this pose for about seven minutes.

Hubs had a different eating strategy

We continued our stroll down the boardwalk in search of more sugar and happened upon a little crepe stand. Hubs constantly waxes nostalgic about his love affair with crepes as a kid and walked by the stand about four times before I finally pushed him in front of the window so he could relive his childhood memories (and hopefully quit crying about crepes).  He was tantalizing my taste buds when he suggested an almond and honey crepe and I was on board for splitting another dessert but then he made a last minute game change and ordered strawberries and whipped cream. I flipped my hello girlfriend hair seductively and asked him to please choose another flavor for the sake of variety in the blog. He happily obliged and ordered chocolate banana. Meh. I was kind of in the mood for blueberries and cream but I felt bad asking the crepe guy to change the order. Again. The crepe was artfully prepared at super speed and then we paid our seven dollars, wait, seven dollars?!?!?! That’s only about a 800% markup from what the actual ingredients cost. Where do I sign up for crepe making class?

Honestly, I don’t understand the appeal of the crepe. It looks like the leftover pancake batter that gets stuck to the griddle and needs to be scraped off with a spatula. Adding some runny chocolate and a few banana slices does not a dessert make. I opted out of this one but husband seemed pleased with the extravagant purchase. Hopefully the next time I hear about crepes it will be because I’m robbing seasonal tourists blind.

I made at little pit stop at the Rehoboth Beach Running Company to have my feet properly sized and assessed for running shoes.  I thought maybe my two-year old Adidas with too many miles on them might be contributing to my metatarsal malaise. The owner had me hop on the treadmill while she videotaped me jogging.  It kind of fun watching myself run while I was running! Sadly, I have a solid stride and my foot seems to be jacked up for unknown reasons. I hobbled out of the store and made a mental note to perhaps actually consider going to the doctor.

It’s ok though because I hobbled my way right over to my favorite bar. Hubs and I debated expanding our horizons and trying a new restaurant, but in the end we couldn’t escape the magnetism of Dogfish Head Brew Pub.

Go to fullsize image

Dogfish Head Craft Brewed AlesThis craft brewery always has new recipes on tap and a menu filled with fresh local offerings like Cream of Asparagus Soup and Wild Boar and jalapeno Sausage on a baguette.

I ordered the Festina de Peche which is a peach flavored ale released exclusively in the summer. It was very light and surprisingly tart.

The husband was a little overwhelmed with the intense flavor of his Black and Red Stout but I thought it was amazing. It was minty, fruity, and smooth.  He kept trying to get me to trade, but at 10.5% ABV, I would have been crawling instead of hobbling back to the car.

These plates are getting in the way of my beer. Could somebody move them please?

For foodage, I ordered the hummus platter with a baby side salad. It hit all the right spots for a light summer nibble.  The “dogpile” sitting next to me, however was loaded with cheese, artichokes, spinach and tomatoes all on top of crispy, fried pita bread. I am talking about the dish of course, and not my husband.

Digging into "The Dogpile"

Hope you and yours have a sweet summer!


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