Cookies for a Cause


Hey friends! Want to help raise money to provide health and fitness education to kids in low income areas? Of course you do!

How, you ask?

Eat more cookies!

Tina Haupert over at Carrots N’ Cake is running the New York City Marathon with Team for Kids.  All funds raised will help provide free or low-cost school- and community-center based health and fitness programs to children who would otherwise have little to no access to regular physical activity. Currently, the programs serve nearly 100,000 children each year in more than 400 schools and community centers in New York City, nationally, and in the Cape Town region of South Africa.

To donate to this wonderful cause, you can participate in Tina’s blog bake sale. It’s easy! Simply visit her site and bid on any delectable treat. There is a $15.00 minimum bid. If you are the highest bidder, expect to get your cookie confection within three days of the end of the sale. 

Why am I telling you all this?

Because you can bid on my very own Mexican Chocolate Snickerdoodles!


Actually, it would be cool if you bid on any of the bake sale treats because it’s cool to help kids be fit and healthy.

Now go buy cookies!


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