No room for Jello

Without being too graphic, I have to get a medical procedure on Thursday that requires me to be on a liquid diet beginning Wednesday morning. While I eat mostly healthy foods, I have a habit of eating every couple of hours so I’m pretty much constantly eating. I’m not going to try to justify my eating habits as normal, but it is a way of life that I’ve become quite accustomed to. Needless to say, I am not happy about not being able to eat for nearly two days. In fact, this is going to be torture.

Here are the foods I am going to miss the most:

Reduced Sugar Strawberry Fruit Spread

I eat this pretty much every morning on crackers or bagel thins. I try to refrain from sqeezing it directly in my mouth but I’m not going to say it hasn’t happened from time to time.

Speaking of squeezy foods……

Pure Blended Fruit

Have you seen these cuties at the grocery store? I’m well aware of the fact that they are marketed toward children but I just couldn’t resist these fun little sqeezable fruit blends. They are all natural with no added sugar, preservatives, or artificial colors. Perfect for a pre-workout snack. Plus, when these are around, I don’t have have to hide in the fridge pretending not to be inhaling strawberry jelly.

4 Pack PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter

You might think that I  eat this with the massive amounts of jelly that I consume, but I don’t.  This powdered peanut butter gets mixed with water to achieve it’s creamy peanut buttery consistency. I learned that if you add a little less water, you can make yummy little peanut butter balls.  It’s like eating peanut butter fudge without all the fat and oil. Peanut butter balls are my favorite part of the day.  Every day. Every single day.

View Image

I eat some sort of fruit and yogurt combination almost every afternoon. If you don’t dine with me regularly, you might be shocked by the amount of fruit I ingest on a daily basis. I may have been a fruititarian for two years in college.

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More fruit. Seriously.


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My banana smoothies and coffee would not be complete without this. It’s kind of the reason I wake up in the morning.

View Image

I didn’t know I would miss spinich until I was told I couldn’t have it.

Say what you will about veggie burgers. I don’t have to remind you how these are the perfect little plates for my ketchup obsession. 

I would include a picture of ketchup here but I’m afraid you might think I have some sort of disorder where I only eat things that come out of squeeze bottle. 

View Image

Who am I kidding? I can’t leave ketchup out!

View Image

This might just be my all time favorite cereal. It’s sweet, crunchy, and comes in cute little heart shapes. I like cute food. Plus it has all kinds of whole grains without a ton of sugar. Score. I like to eat this in bed while I read. My husband is a huge fan of  obnoxious late night crunching.

Sadly, here are the foods I am allowed to consume pre-procedure:

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                                                            Go to fullsize image

                                                           Go to fullsize image


I don’t even like soda or jello. And the popsicles can’t be red or green. 

I plan to spend all of Wednesday plotting my post-procedure meal.

The question is, what should I eat?


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