Shamrock Scramble 5k has me feeling lucky!

Before the scramble

This weeked was the Shamrock Scramble 5k at Silver Lake Park in Dover.  I conned hubby into running with me with the promise of baked treats later in the weekend.  Despite intense circuit training and running during the week for his job, he reluctantly agreed.  On Friday night, we went through round two of purchasing MP3 players (well, he looked at Mp3 players, I was busy trying to find green work out gear so I could look festive).  Then it was another exciting Friday evening of selecting and dowloading run music.  After spending a good two hours compiling my music, I gave the new gadget a quick trial run. All the songs played in alphabetical order.  Seriously?? I spent another hour trying to make a specific playlist but I never figured it out. I hate technology. I set it to shuffle and resigned myself to twisting and wrenching my body at odd angles while trying to run and find the desired song.  Cute.

  We woke up bright and early on Saturday morning. Of course the dogs saw us in all of our gear and immediately thought it was time for our regular weekend walk. They followed us outside and refused to go back in.  There was no time for doggy defiance so we booted their sad little behinds indoors all the while apologizing and promising a long walk on another day. Yeah, we apologized to our dogs. So what? 

When we got to the park, the weather was beautiful. It was a bit chilly but the sun was shining brightly. As race time neared, I was getting more and more nervous. I really wanted to do as well as I had during the first race and was putting a lot of pressure on myself to beat my previous time. Deep breath. I reminded myself that I do this to feel good and it doesn’t matter how I do as long as I finish. About 1/8 of me actually believed that. I wanted to be fast!

Music makes me run faster

The start was a little shaky. People took off at what felt like lightening speed and I just sort of ambled along at my usual pace not wanting to burn all my energy at the beginning of the race. I glanced behind me a couple of times to see that hubby was not far behind.  I happily listened to my shuffled music and didn’t mess with the playlist to0 much. Each time a new song came on, I would get a little pep in my step and pick up the pace. I think somewhere in the middle I really hit my stride where it felt just  plain good to be running. Well, maybe I hit my stride too hard because I had to walk for a bit. The good news is all of my incline work on the treadmill this week paid off and I didn’t feel like my quads were raging infernos.  I lost husband somewhere around the two mile mark and kept trudging along trying to increase my speed where I could.  I had lots of juice at the finish and ended up beating last week’s time by a whole minute! HOLY CRAP! I did it! As soon as I finished, I headed back to the trail to look for hubby. He was pretty far behind me by this time, so I took the opportunity to get my sun tan on. I stretched out and basked in the warm, springtime sunshine and replayed the race in my head. Just kidding, hubs was a few minutes behind and I ran the last leg with him hoping to motivate him through the finish line.  Then we shared a ridiculously sappy hug and congratulated each other on a great run. We had so much fun! Can’t wait to do it again!

No, he's not stretching. This is AFTER the race.

John got second place in his category with a time of 29:06. I finished 3rd in my category with a time of 26:38. I shaved a whole minute off of last week's time!


We hope to be that annoyingly fit and healthy family.


See link below for full event results and gallery.

Click on Shamrock Scramble 3/19/11.  Also check out last week’s Cougars for a Cause gallery to see me rocking out my first 5k.


2 thoughts on “Shamrock Scramble 5k has me feeling lucky!

  1. hahaha, make fun of the slow guy! What you forget to realize is I’m pushing around an extra 80+lbs, if i where as light as you…I’d fly!

  2. This is true, Shana. Your small stature and lack of body fat (albeit healthy), make you a feather in the wind!! They should have a lightweight category!! In all seriousness, congrats to you both….you are “THAT” sickening health nut couple!

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