Some like it hot

The Husband

My husband does not share my love for food preparation.  If left to his own devices, his idea of cooking amounts to choosing a box from the freezer, putting it in the microwave, and  putting it in his mouth. There may or may not be an actual plate involved. It depends how fancy he’s feeling that particular moment.  I do have to give him credit for choosing healthy freezer meals as opposed to the five dollar pizza deal  from pizza hut (you can get three!) of recent history. I also have to applaud him for actually consuming vegetables. In fact, he’ll eat pretty much anything with wreckless abandon if  1) someone else cooks it and 2) he does not have to take part in the after dinner clean up.  Being the good sport that he is, he listens to my endless lessons in cookery and how to make good, healthy food on the fly. Case in point: On Sunday we took the dogs for a nice, long walk in the park. After an hour and a half of leisurly strolling (and scoping out the housing market), we finally made it home just as the sun was disappearing behind the clouds. Before the door was even closed, he announced that he was hungry NOW and there was no time to cook rice (rice and beans being a staple quickie meal in our house). He stared into the fridge for a good half a second before asking me what he could do with the two wrinkly poblano peppers recently purchased at a discount. What can we say? We love a bargain. I harnessed my inner Bobby Flay and channeled in some Sandra Lee Semi homemade and the four of us came up with this concoction.

Burnt cheese makes it better

  I probably don’t even need to describe what this is because everything under melty, bubbly cheese is inconsequential. But just in case you were wondering, it’s a large poblano pepper cut in half lengthwise to make room for the stuffin’s of  refried beans and a smathering of Newman’s Own Medium Salsa under the gooey goodness of mexican shredded cheese. To expedite the cooking process, we threw the whole thing under the broiler for about five minutes. Even as I write this, hubby is lamenting the absent rice, but I consider this five minute meal a total success. Guy food in under five minutes. Does it get any easier than that?


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